Why We’re Different

Find out what separates us from the competition.

Halo Land Management was founded in 2015, and during a stagnant time across the industry, experienced unprecedented growth based on reputation and success. The company started with four employees in the Utica Shale and now manages operations across numerous plays nationwide. Halo provides a broad set of services that are delivered as promised through our unmatched and integrated full service land and asset management. We have proven ourselves forging strong relationships based on trust, transparency, and reliability. Over the last four years, we’ve worked hard to gain a significant market share in our operating areas and are continuing to grow.

The success we’ve had at Halo largely stems from the fact that all of our management has experience working in-house for established E&P companies in a variety of roles. We know first-hand how important it is to stay on budget and ahead of your drill schedule because we’ve been in your shoes. Our in-house roots also provide us with a valuable perspective on how all the different aspects of land management tie into each other. Because of this, we’re often able to see potential problems before they lead to costly project delays.

Our unique culture and adaptability is what has enabled Halo to become one of the fastest-growing land services companies in the Northeast. It’s also what allows us to provide unmatched service to our clients and serve as the single, integrated source for all of their land management needs.

Land Services

Land services tailored to all of your project needs.

At Halo Land Management, we take pride in serving as the go-to source for all of our clients’ land management needs. Our experienced land specialists and project management teams possess unparalleled knowledge and expertise across the entire land services spectrum – from leasing, title, and curative, to right-of-way, GIS mapping, and project management.

Our ability to effectively execute projects with the highest level of quality is directly tied to our people. We invest in our talent development which ensures that our clients receive tangible results that are organized, on budget, and on time. We have dedicated ourselves to principles like trust, integrity, and accountability. These core values along with a strong work ethic and attention to detail have allowed Halo to stand above the competition.

Project Management

Halo’s project management teams coordinate all land services, from leasing, abstracting, and ownership reports, to drill site access, GIS mapping, damage settlements, and curative. Our managers take a hands-on approach with every project to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met in a timely and professional manner. Because our management has experience working in-house for E&P companies, they understand the challenges you face. More importantly we know what it takes to make sure that costly delays are avoided so your project can progress as planned.

Lease Negotiation

At Halo, our tenacity for leasing and mineral acquisitions is unmatched. We are well known throughout the industry as a leader in securing dominant land positions for our clients nationwide. This reputation has forged long-standing relationships with both the operators we represent and the landowners and communities with which we work.   We understand the importance of building a foundation of trust with local surface and mineral owners, and at Halo, their communities are our communities. Our mutual interest in ensuring an integral business relationship by being courteous, honest, and respectful opens the door to unparalleled development across a region for our clients. 

Abstracting and Title Services

Halo specializes in managing complex high-volume abstracting and due diligence projects that provide our clients with extensive title backup and ensure the foundation of land investments. Our experienced title landmen work to provide an all-encompassing product to support operations from fact-finding exploration to full unit development and title abstracting. Through our in-house management experience, we understand the product the client needs to see in order to make crucial drilling decisions. Halo uses streamlined processes and specialized teams – including a full-time heirship team – to provide ownership reports and supplemental records that are organized and presented in an easy to read format so our clients can move forward confidently and without delay.  

Right of Way and Surface

Halo offers a complete range of surface-related services. This includes property rights acquisition, route development, survey coordination, stakeholder communications, and data management. Our professionals have extensive experience coordinating with law firms, corporations, and government agencies. These entities are treated with dedication to ensure that every part of the ROW acquisition process is handled as carefully and responsibly as possible. Halo understands that the success of our client’s project depends upon the agents and support staff assigned. Our field agents and teams represent our company and our reputation in the field is essential to the success of the project. We hire the most qualified agents available and bring experience in just about every area of property rights acquisition within the industry.

GIS Mapping and Analysis

At Halo, we provide our clients with start to finish GIS solutions that allow for complete project management through the organization, analysis, and development of data from a variety of formats, including client data files. Our GIS experts are able to display and manage large and small projects with geospatial products that meet our clients’ demands across the industry. We understand mapping services are more than just a pretty picture, they provide a spatio-temporal understanding of our clients’ operations and increased visibility allows for project transparency with faster turnaround times and data-centered decision making based on real-time information. At Halo, we aren’t trying to sell a new product, we are simply helping our clients to efficiently utilize their most valuable tool – their data.


At Halo, we understand the need to ensure your projects stay on time and are not derailed by permitting issues, unitization delays, or regulatory concerns. Through our in-house E&P experience, we have the necessary exposure to the entire development process and can provide our clients with the project management staff to keep operations on schedule. This includes preparation of declaration of pooled units, permitting packets, and completion of unitization applications for governmental review and approval.