Why We’re Different

Find out what separates us from the competition.

Halo Land Management was founded in 2015 by Dustin Goldston. The company started with four employees and now, less than two years later has grown to over 50. Since our inception, we’ve gained significant market share in the Utica Shale Basin by outworking our competition and forging strong relationships based on trust, transparency, and reliability.

The success we’ve had at Halo largely stems from the fact that all of our management has experience working in-house for established E&P companies in a variety of roles. We know first-hand how important it is to stay on budget and ahead of your drill schedule because we’ve been in your shoes.

Our in-house roots also provide us with a valuable perspective on how all the different aspects of land management tie into each other. Because of this, we’re often able to see potential problems before they lead to costly project delays.

Our unique culture and adaptability is what has enabled Halo to become one of the fastest-growing land services companies in the Northeast. It’s also what allows us to provide unmatched service to our clients and serve as the single, integrated source for all of their land management needs.

Land Services

Land services tailored to all of your project needs.

At Halo Land Management, we take pride in serving as the go-to source for all of our clients’ land management needs. Our experienced land specialists and project management teams possess unparalleled knowledge and expertise across the entire land services spectrum – from leasing, title, and curative, to right-of-way, GIS mapping, and project management.

Our focus is and always will be on executing projects with the highest level of quality and delivering tangible results so that our clients can stay on schedule and on budget. We do this by adhering to principles like trust, integrity, and accountability, while maintaining a work ethic that allows us to stand out above the competition.

Project Management

Halo’s project management teams coordinate all land services, from leasing, abstracting, and ownership reports, to drill site access, GIS mapping, damage settlements, and curative. Our managers take a hands-on approach with every project to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met in a timely and professional manner. Because our management has experience working in-house for E&P companies, they understand the challenges you face. More importantly we know what it takes to make sure that costly delays are avoided so your project can progress as planned.

Lease Negotiation

At Halo, we understand just how important it is to establish good relationships with surface and mineral owners, as well as members of the community. We strike this delicate balance by being courteous, honest, and respectful in every one of our dealings. All of our land professionals are highly effective communicators and are committed to forging long-standing relationships that facilitate future success. We do this by looking at past, present, and future price projections, and using data to negotiate terms that benefit our clients and landowners equally.

Abstracting and Title Services

Halo specializes in creating ownership reports that accurately track the sale and transfer of properties of all different types. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our experienced landmen will work tirelessly to ensure that every bit of relevant data and information is gathered and presented in an easily readable format so you can move forward confidently and without delay.

Right-of-Way (ROW) Acquisition

Halo offers a complete range of surface-related services. This includes property rights acquisition, route development, survey coordination, stakeholder communications, and data management. Our professionals have extensive experience coordinating with law firms, corporations, and government agencies. These entities are treated with dedication to ensure that every part of the ROW acquisition process is handled as carefully and responsibly as possible.

Due Diligence

Halo has the capability to help clients with acquisitions of any size – from relatively small mineral interests to large leasehold buys. Our team of highly experienced landmen, project managers, and licensed attorneys will work collaboratively during the due diligence process to ensure that assets are accurately inventoried and any potential title defects are identified. In doing so, we’ll give you the confidence to forge ahead with your project and minimize the likelihood of running into post-acquisition problems that can lead to delays.

Title Curative

Halo’s team of project managers and landmen have the knowledge and expertise to deal with even the most difficult title opinion requirements. Drawing from their years of experience, our qualified land professionals have a proven track record of finding the most efficient way to satisfy complex title opinions so that you can stay ahead of your drill schedule. Whatever the project, we’ll work with you to ensure that all your curative needs are met responsibly, intelligently, and cost-effectively.