Halo understands that our most valuable assets are the people we work with. Our team of managers are unmatched in their experience, knowledge, and dedication to providing top quality land services. The culture of our company depends on an environment that is engaged, healthy, and happy and we value each and every member of our team. At Halo, we work hard and have fun!

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Dustin Goldston

Founder and CEO

If you ever get the chance to meet Dustin, congrats! You have officially met the only person you will ever meet from Rising Star, Texas.  Dustin got his start in the oil and gas industry in 2004 working his way through college as a roustabout…...   read more

Sam Schwartzmiller

Director of Title

Have you ever loved title so much you made a career out of it? Didn’t think so. Sam Schwartzmiller has. Sam is the Director of Title here at Halo. He started out running title as an in-house landman for Chesapeake Energy. Originally from Zanesville, Ohio,…...   read more

Paul Knight

Director of Right-of-Way

Paul doesn’t want us to discuss his status as a world class gripper, so out of respect, we aren’t going to mention that here. In 2006, Paul began his career in the oil and gas industry as a title agent in his home state of…...   read more

Kaylee Miller

Project Manager - Leasing

Most people outgrow their love of all things Disney when they reach middle school. Kaylee’s obsession has only increased over time reaching near Frozen-esque proportions! Kaylee grew up in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania and after graduating from California University of Pennsylvania headed to Oklahoma to work for…...   read more

Matt McKinnon

Project Manager - Leasing

You know when you meet a person and you know you will remember them forever? Matt isn’t that person. Matt is the person that will ensure that you’re leasing projects stay on track and ahead of the competition. He has worked in the Utica since…...   read more

Steve Hawke

Project Manager - Title

Everybody reaches a certain age and they realize that they have turned into their parents. Steve hit that age at 15. As our title manager, Steve excels at maintaining a standard that is unmatched. Steve got his start working in the Utica for Chesapeake Energy…...   read more

Bobby Thompson

Project Coordinator- Leasing

If you want to get to know Bobby, just watch any Subaru commercial and there you have it – including the token Labrador.  His puppy is named Stella! Bobby grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from Regis University in Denver, CO with a degree…...   read more

Erin Schwartzmiller

Project Coordinator

You know the episode of The Office when they all tag Oscar as the “actually” guy? At the Halo office, the actually guy is Erin. With a tendency to be a “know it all” she can be a real buzzkill. Erin wears numerous hats as…...   read more