Be Relentless About Improvement As the Greatest Week in Golf concluded on Sunday with a win by current world number one, Scottie Scheffler, the golf world was dually captivated by the mastery of all that is Augusta - a tradition unlike any other and the simultaneous return of golf’s greatest, Tiger Woods. Although the win by Scheffler was one deserving of admiration and applause, many watching the 86th edition of the Masters were focused on the return of the five-time green jacket winner to the playing field.

It had been over 500 days since Woods’ last round of competitive golf and nobody could have envisioned 13 months ago that he would be driving down the iconic Magnolia Lane in 2022, not as an honorary past winner, but as someone that felt he could play to win - but that’s the thing about hard work and dedication - It always pays off. 

The mastery exhibited by Tiger over the years truly embodies the idea of being relentless about improvement and the timeline of his professional career proves it.  Following his first Masters' win in 1997, in which he crushed the field by an astounding 12 shots, he decided that great wasn’t great enough and began a complete overhaul of his famous swing. This was the first but most definitely not the last time he felt the need to make a change, even when he was at the top of his game. Watching Tiger’s professional career shows one obvious trait - he is unwilling to accept complacency and he will continually push himself to get better by fully embracing the necessary components to facilitate the growth. 

  • Team - The collaboration of a great team has always allowed Tiger to become his best self. Throughout his career, he has always hired the best coaches, caddy, trainers, and doctors to help him reach his goals and perform at the highest level.
  • Process and Hardwork - Anytime you make a change it requires dedication to the process. For Tiger, this means putting in the hard work and remaining focused on the end goal - even when things seem to be getting worse he understands that winning isn’t the only measure of success and that some things take time.
  • Embracing Change - Tiger has always exemplified the saying that growth and comfort can’t coexist. Over the years, Tiger has made changes for many reasons from injury to age but he has never accepted complacency. 

Much like Tiger, Halo is always working to improve even when things seem to be going great. We also do this by focusing on our team, our processes, and embracing change

  • Team - For Halo, a great team means having the right people in the right places all working towards a common goal. Highly competent and motivated personnel make all the difference so we pride ourselves in obtaining the very best talent and supporting their personal and professional growth. This leads to an engaged team dedicated to providing proactive solutions for our clients.
  • Process and Hardwork - Following a process to the end matters and sometimes it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but putting in the time and effort to see it through can mean the difference between success and failure. At Halo, focus on the details and remain dedicated to establishing set operating procedures for optimum success.
  • Embracing Change - Many companies have a fear of change or consider it a bad thing. It is true that change can disrupt our day-to-day and if done poorly, cause a setback or serious project delay. Halo believes that embracing change when needed can be a wonderful operating asset and we work to ensure our teams are always reevaluating our procedures to determine the best way to do things rather than the old way. 

We know that we can not remain stagnant and hope to come out on top. We have to be relentless about improving and just like Tiger, we are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.  We take pride in continually working to become the most knowledgeable land services broker. Our team is always willing to follow the processes and put in the hard work needed to better our business, our people, and our clients. At Halo, we are relentless about improvement.