Halo Land Management is excited to announce our new Halo Helps! campaign
2021 donations provided to The Harrison County Home
including wheelchairs, tv’s and other assorted items.

How serving our communities serves us

When Halo Land Management was founded in 2015, we knew that serving the communities in which we conduct business was going to be a core part of our operating model - what we didn’t know was how the idea of giving back would serve us - especially six years later during a worldwide pandemic. 

Our initial thought process was simple, be an organization that appreciates and supports the communities and people that aid us in doing our jobs on a daily basis. As a business that relies heavily on the help and support of local governments and residents, we wanted to ensure we were doing all that we could to better serve the area. We understood that organizations have the ability to drive real change at scale. Local businesses and corporations have the power to bring employees together with customers and fellow community members to improve lives, and by doing so, we can encourage others to do the same. The ripple effect of positive change is a powerful one. As our company grew, our donations spread to include numerous food bank drives, donations to local charities, Toys for Tots, and more. 

For 2021, our end of the year campaign was collecting items for The Harrison County Home, a home for elderly residents located in Cadiz, Ohio.  Halo was so thankful to be able to donate an array of needed items including wheelchairs, tv’s, art supplies, snack items, and various toiletries for the residents! 

How serving our communities serves Halo

Since March of 2020, Halo has worked to create an environment in which our employees, communities, and our clients feel encouraged, included, and supported - even when uncertainty and stress were at their highest point - but after 20 months of working from home, inflation, childcare closings, and more, we are not blind to the burnout being felt by many. Through discussions and outreach, Halo learned that one missing element for our teams has been connection.  Connection to each other, connection to our communities, and connection to purpose. Giving back has greatly helped our organization by providing our team members with motivation and the positive energy that comes from helping others. When the entire weight of the world feels overwhelming, sometimes all it takes is a step back to focus on our families, our colleagues, and our local community.  We have to take a moment to control what we can control because change always starts in our own home and our own backyard.  By giving back and showing true gratitude for all that we have, businesses all across the globe can turn their attention and focus towards helping those around them and encourage change in the world we live in one step at a time. 

Halo Launches Halo Helps!

That is why today, Halo Land Management is excited to announce our new Halo Helps! campaign.  This initiative is one that will allow Halo employees the opportunity to serve their community through company wide quarterly campaigns specifically dedicated to the betterment of our operating areas, our halo family, and the individual personal growth of each and every one of us. We can’t wait to get started and share our progress with all of you!  You can visit our website and click the Halo Helps! link to learn about our current local project or make a request for service/donation!