It is well known that growth and comfort can’t coexist and it should come as no surprise to hear that Halo has set the bar exceptionally high for our operational growth, development, and advancement over the next few years. Our focus on expanding service offerings both geographically and operationally across all energy sectors means always pushing for more and demanding a better, faster, more streamlined product.  This desire for growth requires not only hardwork and dedication, but continual monitoring and progress tracking through understanding and evaluating our key performance indicators (KPI’s).  

So what is a KPI? 

A key performance indicator is a metric used to measure and track progress towards achieving our business goals.  KPIs help gauge a company’s long-term performance against its own targets and industry standards. For Halo, this means measuring our most impactful indicators across various types of KPIs - from team performance and process efficiency to client satisfaction. 

There are various types of KPIs that a business can track to improve performance.  Today, Halo is going to highlight a few that enable us to stay on track and set us apart from the competition.  

A quantitative KPI relies on numbers to gauge progress

This is a huge one for us and our teams.  Our world is ruled by numbers and by utilizing a CRM to track our performance daily, we can ensure that our clients’ are always getting the best value.  Data is constantly being collected and combed so that projects do not become stagnant. Some of the numbers that are regularly tracked are signed agreements, phone call vs. field visit, remaining closures, difficult to close, and more. We work with our agents and provide them with the tools needed to stay organized, successful, and performing at their highest potential.

A qualitative KPI looks at opinion - or feeling-based data.

This is tracked through our annual survey sent out to all clients in order to obtain our yearly Net Promoter Score.  This score helps us to understand our client satisfaction and always be working towards improving our services.  We never want to get into a situation where we become complacent, set in our ways, and arrogant to the point of being blinded by what we could be doing better. By ensuring that our clients have an outlet to voice their opinions on our service, we feel confident that we are always returning quality work.  

A process KPI assesses efficiency and productivity within the business.

For Halo, this one is a no brainer.  Our management team spent years working as in-house landmen so we understand the necessity for establishing set processes for each step of a project and ensuring that budgets, timelines, and standards are met exactly as the client wishes. Halo Land Management tracks input KPI on both a management level and the individual project level. Project managers need to consistently learn new techniques and best practices to optimize their work processes and project cycles. Our Proven PM Process allows our managers and team leads to oversee the operations of each project and adapt or adjust as needed. The last stage of our process allows for a project “Debrief” which includes input from the entire team and a review of what could have been done differently or better.  

On a project basis, Halo has developed the Halo Standard Operating Procedures.  Our SOPs are written out by each team lead for every type of project worked including title and abstracting, leasing, heirship, ROW, and more.  Like our management processes, our SOPs are evaluated and updated regularly to ensure optimum performance and up to date procedures. Our teams are always kept up to date on any changes and provided the guidance needed to meet our high standards. 

Halo's Proven PM Process
Halo's Proven PM Process

And last but certainly not least, Halo utilizes an Input KPI for the allocation of our resources.

An input KPI measures the assets, time, and resources needed to complete a certain action or project.

Halo is always ready to tackle a new project. We understand that our ability to jump in starts with understanding what is needed to tackle a new region, new energy sector, or something as simple as a new operating standard from our client. One way that we ensure our success is through always updating and working through our succession planning and asset allocation to ensure seamless scalability. At Halo, we take pride in our people and are always working to mentor and encourage for continued education, development, and advancement. This allows us to be ready at the drop of a hat. Our people are our greatest asset and we know that we can never go wrong by investing and promoting them.

Monitoring our KPIs allows Halo to grow confidently without watering down what we offer to our clients. This ability has enabled us to establish a leading reputation nationwide across various energy sectors. We guarantee that our teams are fit and ready to handle any and all challenges that come our way from oil and gas to utilities and ROW!